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Your Questions Answered

Follow me back? Please?!

Sorry but no. If you message me this I might answer, but I’ll probably delete it

Where are the recipes for these photos!?!

Click on the photo, it’s a hyperlink to the recipe website. YOU CAN”T DO THIS FROM THE DASHBOARD

Do you cook all these meals?

No, I try some of them out but this site is more like a cook wish-list.

Why did you make a food blog?

Because I love cooking! And because I finding new recipes for people that might be different than what they usually have. Let’s call it a food variety mission.

"Will you promote me? I’m a new food blog!"

I really do not do promotions, I’m sorry guys!

Can I make a request?

Yes of course! Just message me telling me what you’d like me to post whether it’s healthy food, vegan, a specific recipe, etc.

You put the wrong recipe with the picture!

Tell me and I’ll always fix it

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